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Sunday, 28 April 2013

BV Cure Program - Important to the health

How are professionals so it is worth, in case of trouble, do your research important to the health of the contents of trace elements in the hair - making them specialized laboratories in major cities.

Kristina Tomlin BV Cure Program - If hair falls out, it may be deficient in zinc. Zinc activates enzymes that control the metabolism of hair needed to build amino acids. We find him in marine fish, seafood, dark meat turkey and chicken.

Theoretically, our diet usually contains enough zinc; the problem is that it is poorly absorbable: the company does not like sugars, fiber, and even other vitamins. Experts joke that the best way to provide the body with food is oysters saute for breakfast. Kristina Tomlin BV Cure Review

Can also help properly formulated vitamin preparation. Zinc affects the economy of vitamin A in the body, and it is important for hair growth. Prolonged deficiency causes stunted growth and thinning hair, in extreme cases - total alopecia. Kristina Tomlin BV Cure

Kristina Tomlin - Vitamin A is delivered to the body through the consumption of butter, eggs, milk, liver, cheese, meat, but also vegetables and fruits: tomatoes, carrots, peppers, spinach, mango and melon. Completely covers the daily requirement of eating 50g of raw carrots.

Iron is responsible for the so-called. Cellular respiration, which provides energy to the cells of the matrix, due to the division and differentiation of hair is formed. Deficiency (i.e. sideropenia) sometimes caused not only by poor nutrition, but also abundant menstruation or pregnancy. Hairs become thin, brittle, and are thinned. Source of iron - the most valuable - is lean beef, liver and spinach, beans and peas. Kristina Tomlin Free BV Cure Program

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